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Pranto Halder


Pranto Halder is a Lecturer and Faculty member in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Ahsanullah Institute of Information & Communication Technology. Pranto Halder is a highly motivated computer science and engineering professional hailing from Khulna, Bangladesh. With a profound educational background and a fervent passion for research, Pranto specializes in advanced cryptographic techniques, 5G wireless systems, and machine learning applications. Currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering at Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET). Pranto embarked on his academic journey by obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from North Western University, Khulna. During his undergraduate studies, his thesis delved into the integration of 5G wireless systems, machine learning, and their practical applications. Pranto consistently demonstrated unwavering dedication throughout his educational pursuits and achieved commendable academic results. In terms of professional experience, Pranto worked as an Intern Backend Engineer at CodeMen. He has showcased his research findings at international conferences, notably presenting a paper titled “Future impact of NSA 5G in Bangladesh” at the International Conference on 4IR for Emerging Future. Demonstrating a diverse skill set, Pranto boasts expertise in various programming languages, including Go, C#, Python, and C++. Moreover, he is well-versed in technologies such as Laravel, microservice architecture, gRPC, Protobuf, HTML, CSS, and PHP.

Pranto also possesses a strong command of database management systems like MySQL and PostgreSQL. Beyond his professional commitments, Pranto was previously engaged in volunteer work as a Campus Ambassador for BOHUBRIHI Online Courses. Additionally, he has earned certifications in data analysis with SPSS, corporate etiquette, and presentation and public speaking. With his outstanding academic and professional achievements, coupled with his genuine passion for research and technological innovation, Pranto Halder exemplifies a driven and accomplished individual poised to make significant contributions in the domain of computer science and engineering.

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NamePranto Halder
DepartmentComputer Science and Engineering
FacultyFaculty of Engineering
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M.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET) 2023
B.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering North Western University (NWU) 2021
Higher Secondary Govt. M.M. City College, Khulna 2015
Secondary ST. Joseph's High School, Khulna 2013

Information Security Protocol (e-voting),

Applied Cryptography,

5G Technology,

Machine learning and Applications

International Conference

Intern Backend Engineer

Institute: CodeMen

Organization Type: IT Farm

Location: Khulna -9100, Khulna.

Employment type: Internship (On-Site)

Department: Backend Engineering

Duration: 4 months (01.12.2022 – 31.03.2023)

Responsibilities: Software Development (Go Lang, gRPC, Protobuf, Micro service Architecture)


  • Network and Information Security
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Communication and Networking
  • Computer Architecture
  • Digital Logic Design