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ahsanullah institute of information &
communication technology (aiict)

(An Institute of Dhaka Ahsania Mission & affiliated with national university)

History of AIICT

Dhaka Ahsania Mission, a national level NGO in Consultative status with United Nations ECOSOC and in Operational Relation with UNESCO ,engaged in Education, Livelihood , Health & Human Rights sector since 1958. Dhaka Ahsania Mission has sponsored several educational institutions which are providing quality education and unique in their respective field of education. Ahsanullah Institute of Information & Communication Technology(AIICT) is one of these educational institute. It is an institute of Dhaka Ahsania Mission affiliated under the National University. It was established with a view to spread the information technology all over Bangladesh in the year 2001.

The aim of the AIICT is to provide quality service to the society in the field of dissemination of information technology gradually extending the network to the rural areas. In the year 2001,It has started it’s journey with 30 students during the school year 2001-2002.At present the number of students is around 3600.

Graduation Completed :

Department of Business Administration :

1. Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA)=19th Batch

Department of Engineering:

1. Computer Science & Engineering(CSE)=18th Batch

2. Electronics & Communication Engineering(ECE)=12th Batch

Over the last ten years, AIICT has achieved admirable reputation by providing quality education, service and by grooming and creating their students highly qualified ,skilled & expert in business, telecommunication and IT sector.


The mission of AIICT is to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the dynamic field of information and communication technology. We are committed to providing high-quality, industry-relevant education and training, fostering a learning environment that promotes both technical expertise and critical thinking. AIICT aims to bridge the gap between education and industry by equipping our students with practical, job-ready skills that meet the ever-evolving demands of the ICT sector. We embrace accessibility, diversity, and ethical practices, and we strive to create opportunities for lifelong learning and professional growth. Through innovation, collaboration, and a global perspective, AIICT seeks to inspire and prepare individuals for successful and fulfilling careers in ICT, contributing to the advancement of technology and the betterment of society.


The vision of AIICT is to be a global leader in ICT education, renowned for our commitment to excellence, innovation, and inclusivity. We envision a future where AIICT stands as a symbol of cutting-edge technology education, empowering learners from diverse backgrounds to thrive in the digital age. Through our forward-thinking approach, we aim to produce graduates who not only excel in their careers but also shape the future of technology. Our vision encompasses a strong focus on ethical and responsible ICT practices, fostering a community of lifelong learners, and contributing to the continual evolution of the ICT landscape. Ultimately, AIICT aspires to be a catalyst for positive change, both within the industry and in the lives of those we educate.

  • Senior Faculty Members in all Departments.
  • Experienced faculty members from home.
  • Collaborations with Dhaka ahsania mission
  • Vice-Chancellor’s Award and Dean’s list for Meritorious Students
  • Center for Research and Training (CRT)
  • Arranged seminar, workshop, and local/international conferences.

AIICT offers all the courses of study primarily in English. Teachers provide instruction to students in the classroom in English. English is also widely used as a medium of communication among the faculties, students, and administrative officials.